Tap Basi Ramon Mac-Nack 


Tap Basi Ramon Mac-Nack is an Officially Recognized Traditional Winti Healer, with over 40 years of experience, in Suriname, where he is based, but also in Europe, USA, the Caribbean and the Guyana's.
When Tap Basi Ramon was born on August 24, 1964, his birth was already predicted before the pregnancy. This child would be spiritually on a completely different level and therefore had to be raised by different parents: two top Winti clergy, ‘Ma Lena Plak and ‘Pa Frans Sandie.

At the age of 14 he entered in a complete trance at such an advanced level that even adepts were amazed that he passed their cross-examinations flawlessly and was able to teach them the word of Anana Keduaman Keduampon (God the Creator of Heaven and Earth).

His full initiation was in the hands of ‘Pa Frans Sandie. But many respected Winti clergy asked to contribute spiritually to what Anana had allowed back into their midst after a long time: 'Basi Busunki Abrofi Abrokamma', who originated from the 7th reincarnation within his family line.
As a traditional Winti healer, Tap Basi Ramon can best be compared to a generalist physician, who, in the curative phase, carries out the overall treatment of a patient from diagnosis to healing.

His work has been complementary to many specialties and the interaction with colleagues from the more conventional medical world has always proved to be an enrichment for all involved.

In 2002 he started Akata Kondre as a Winti religious and cultural centre and this gradually evolved into an institute, which in 2016 was officially named the Tap Basi Ramon Mac-Nack Wenti Institute Kunjhe Akata.

The Institute has many accomplishments, e.g.

  • In 2015 they organized the succesful spiritual reconciliation mission to Ghana.
  • In collaboration with others they ensured that Winti marriage officials are appointed, followed by the first public traditional Winti marriage.
  • Tap Basi Ramon was the first Winti priest to have a Minister, an Executive Overseer and in 2022 all the graduating police cadets take an oath according to Winti rituals during their swearing-in ceremony.
  • The Institute organized a funeral ceremony with a Catholic priest, Winti religion and Christianity preaching together.

Because of his respectful behavior and approach towards all other religions, the Tap Basi has always been respected by spiritual leaders of other religions. His goals in life are to preach God's word and deed and to help everyone find their way back to The Source, each in their own way and according to their own beliefs.

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